Thursday, July 17, 2008

Why "Crossing Bridges on Fast Horses"?

This blog is a called “Crossing bridges on fast horses” because this could be an allegory for life.

Crossing bridges on a fast horse can be scary, dangerous, thrilling, exhilarating, rewarding, out of control, or just plain fun, so is life. You may want to close your eyes on that horse on the bridge, but then you would miss the fun and the thrill of the ride. You may think of stopping the horse half way because you are scared or seemingly out of control, but you still have to get across eventually. Is going back really an option? You may not even want to start across the bridge because you are not sure you will make it, but hell why not, who knows how great it will be on the other side? For me this is just like life, so “Crossing Bridges on Fast Horses” seems to fit.

This blog gives you quotes and stories to help cope with life on a day to day ( maybe even moment to moment) basis, so you get across that bridge, enjoy the ride and find out what is on the other side, and then maybe find another bridge and another bridge and another bridge, to cross.

The quotes and stories are from many sources and take many forms, some inspirational, some funny, some irreverent, most practical and real, but they are there to help get over those bridges

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Well, we have common ground. I actually do CROSS BRIDGES on FAST HORSES and live the allegory that your blog espouses. GOOD WORK. Here is the video to prove it.. My tagline for my business is "emotional freedom starts on the trail." I hope you enjoy this video.